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Kenya is the fourth largest producer of cut flowers in the world. Dutch newspapers report regularly on labour rights violations in the Kenyan floriculture industry. That's not surprising. Most Kenyan roses are exported to the Netherlands. It is, however, unfortunate that these newspapers focus exclusively on Kenyan rose farms with Dutch or other European owners. Dutch journalists don't acknowledge that half of the rose farms are owned by the Kenyan elite and Indian entrepreneurs. My photo essay in Knack magazine (in Dutch) explains why this short-sightedness has dramatic consequences in Kenya.

Afronomicslaw.org, the online platform for all things related to African trade law, previously posted my update on the importance of the trade relations with the EU for the Kenyan floriculture industry.

David Whitehouse also interviewed me on the impact of Brexit on this industry. This interview has been published in the Paris-based political magazine Africa Report. I was very happy to find out that the UN African Trade Policy Centre recommended this article in their Weekly Digest. — January 2020 (updated October 2020)


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