A L E Y D I S   N I S S E N

The European Union's Human Rights Regulation of Industries Abroad 

Comparative Public Law Research Area 

Università Bocconi | 2024


Walking session - Gender-Transformative Remediation to End Corporate Violence against Women

Conference The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 50

Ghent University | 2023 


Gender-transformative Remedies for Women Human Rights Defenders

Seminar with Judge Hilary Charlesworth (invited) 

Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University | 2023 


On Dispute Settlement

Farewell Event for Marco Bronckers (invited)

Leiden Law School | 2023 


Business and Human Rights in Western Sahara

Geneva Support Group for the Western Sahara (invited)

Side event 52nd session UN Human Rights Council | 2023


Laws that Silence in Business and Human Rights: Preliminary Evidence

ICON-S It Conferenza Annuale
Università Bocconi | 2023


Gender-transformative Remedies for Women Human Rights Defenders
Annual meeting Law & Society Association
Caribe Hilton Puerto Rico | 2023


Women's Rights in the Law School

Symposium Women's Rights  

Leiden Law School | 2023


Please Give Me a Remedy: Women Human Rights Defenders for Occupational Safety and Health
Poverty Law Conference
University of California, Berkeley | 2023


The Fifth Fundamental Labour Right in EU FTAs
International Conference in Commemoration of Marco Biagi
University of Modena and Marco Biagi Foundation | 2023


Shame No More? Silencing Laws that Benefit Export Industries

Master class
TradeExperettes | 2023


Book tour - The European Union, Emerging Global Business and Human Rights
. Brussels School of Governance
. Geneva Graduate Institute, Department of International Law (invited)
. Ghent University, Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute
. KULeuven, Institute for European Law
. Leiden University, Europa Institute
. University of Amsterdam, Department of International and European Law
. University of Antwerp,  Government and Law & Law and Development research groups
. Université Libre de Bruxelles, Centre de Droit International | 2022-2023


Laws that Impede Naming and Shaming Corporate Human Rights Violations
Empirical Legal Studies Lab
Leiden Law School | 2022


Shame No More? Silencing Laws that Benefit Export Industries
Regulation and Governance Cluster Event

University of Oxford | 2022


When Corporations Disrespect Women's Human Rights: Access to Remediation
Visitors End of Term Discussion Group
University of Oxford | 2022


Voorbij de Schaamte? Invoer in de EU uit Landen met Repressieve Regulering

University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance | 2022


Tracking Transnational Innovations and Anachronisms: Right to Health and Safety at Work

. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Center for International Law

. University of Antwerp, Law and Development research group | 2021


Case Study Research in Kenya and South Korea: a Millennial Westerner Perspective
Practising Reflexivity in International Law Online Forum
European University Institute | 2021


Het Franse Openbaar Ministerie en Buitenlandse Multinationals die Arbeidsrechten Schenden
Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology Lunch talk
Leiden Law School | 2021


The Conflict Minerals Regulation

University of Antwerp, Law and Development research group | 2021


Field Research and Ethical Clearance Proceedings: 'a Concrete Wall Hemming us In?'
Directions in Legal Education Online Conference

The Chinese University of Hong Kong | 2020


The Very First 'Labour Rights' Complaint under an EU Free Trade Agreement
Effective Protection of Fundamental Rights Colloquium
Leiden Law School | 2020

Case Study Research in Kenya and South Korea
Empirical Legal Research Festival
University of Edinburgh | 2018


The European Union as a Manager of Global "Business and Human Rights" regulation: Country-by-Country Reporting Rules
Contemporary Issues in Human Rights Law and Practice Conference

University of Brighton | 2018


What Impact does the EU Policy on 'Business and Human Rights' have on Chaebols?
5th International Winter Course Human Rights and Asia 2018
Seoul National University | 2018


Why the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers Advances Extraterritorial Obligations
Business and Human Rights Conference
University of Milan | 2017

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? A WTO Interpretation of Import Restrictions as Suggested by the UN CRC
Accountability and International Business Operations Conference
Utrecht University | 2017


A Right to Access to Emergency Health Care: The European Court of Human Rights Pushes the Envelope
Association of Human Rights Institutions Annual Conference
KULeuven | 2017

What Impact Does the EU's Country-by-Country Reporting Regulation Have on Kenya?
#Taxtalks (invited)
University of Nairobi | 2017

Kids' Business? H&M's Activities in Myanmar
Human Rights Challenges in the 21st Century Conference
Birmingham City University | 2017


Human Rights Violations by Western Multinationals: A Complementary Approach to Civil Judicial Remedies
Defending Individual Rights Conference
Durham University | 2017


Beyonce's New Sportswear Company and Respect for Human Rights
Interdisciplinary Conference on Beyonce
Cardiff University | 2016


Extraterritorial States in the Business and Human Rights Debate
Human Rights Consortium Conference
University of London | 2016