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J O U R N A L   A R T I C L E S

The European Union as a Manager of Global 'Business and Human Rights' Regulation: Country-by-Country Reporting Rules
UCL Journal of Law & Jurisprudence (UCL) Vol. 8, No. 2 (forthcoming) | 2019

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Better Together: a Complementary Approach to Civil Judicial Remedies in Business and Human Rights
Penn State Law Review Penn Statim (Penn State University) Vol. 122, No. 48 | 2018
Included in the reading pack of the University of Oxford's Master in international Human Rights Law
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Can WTO Member States Rely on Citizen Concerns to Prevent Corporations from Importing Goods Made from Child Labour?
Utrecht Law Review (Utrecht University) Vol. 14, No. 2 | 2018
International Economic Law eJournal (curated by prof. Alan Sykes at Stanford Law School) Vol. 13, No. 71 | 2018
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A Right to Access to Emergency Health Care: The European Court of Human Rights Pushes the Envelope
Medical Law Review (Oxford University Press) Vol. 26, No. 4 | 2017
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W O R K I N G   P A P E R S
Drafts available on request

Field Research in Kenya and South Korea: a Reflective Journey into Positive Ethics
presented at Empirical Research Festival (University of Edinburgh) | 2018
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A N A L Y S E S 

A Piece of Work: H&M's Reaction to Child Labour in Myanmar
International Law Journal of London (University of London) | 2017
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Welsh town Port Talbot Steels itself for Globalisation (photo essay)
Yale Journal of International Affairs (Yale University) | 2017
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The Discussion Day on the UNESCR's: The Draft General Comment on Business and Human Rights
International Affairs Review (George Washington University) | 2017
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The Right to Water: Privatization and Participation
Clarion The IHRC Journal of Human Rights (American Bar Association) | 2017
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'Global EU': No Transparency without Competitiveness
Future of Europe Observer (Bonn University) | 2017
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A Place for an Unexpected Guest at the Table of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights
RightsViews (Columbia University) | 2016
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How the Nepalese Constitution Fueled an Oil Crisis (photo essay)
Columbia Journal of International Affairs (Columbia University) | 2016
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Sweating in the Park or in the Factory Beyonce's New Sportswear Company and Respect for Human Rights
Oxford Human Rights Hub (University of Oxford) | 2016
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C O U R S E   R E V I E W S

SNU's Winter Course Human Rights and Asia: a Time of Many Firsts
Useoul.edu (Seoul National University) | 2018
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Five Key Lessons from the 2nd Socio-Legal Masterclass
SLSA Blog (Socio-Legal Studies Association) | 2017
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