A L E Y D I S   N I S S E N


In my book, I wrote a chapter on the Kenyan flower industry. In fact, this is not the first time that I have investigated the flower sale. Back in 2012, my boyfriend and I visited the Brussels-based pub Le Coq. I told him that I needed a good project for my postgraduate degree in international research journalism. A few drinks later, he had a Eureka moment. By then, a flower vendor had walked into the pub... My classmates Justine Scholars and Marieke Vandenhende came on board, and together we worked for eight months to find out where the vendors come from (Pakistan), how they live (with many in an apartment in Molenbeek), where the flowers are coming from (leftovers from the auction) and what the authorities are doing (not much). In the end, our investigation was published in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard. You can access it (via a laptop or desktop) below. (Let me know if you would like an English translation!)— January 2020 (updated - January 2023)